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We've spent so many nights here, it's like coming home again every time we return. We liked it on our first visit way back when we were researching a tome called Scandinavia on $10 a Day.

It's as comfortable now as it was then, though there have been a number of improvements over the years. Once an 18th-century building, the centrally located hotel is now composed of a series of five antique buildings connected by two idyllic gardens. All renovations were carried out with care, so as not to ruin the architecture, and it boasts a tasteful, modern decor, with light pastels used effectively throughout.

It's open year-round, and the staff is helpful and efficient. No two rooms are identical; your choices range from the smallest single in the shoemaker's old house with a view over church ruins, to a four-bed unit with a sloping ceiling and botanical garden greenery framing the window.

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