Hotel St Clemens and the environment

We wish our hotel to become as environmentally-friendly as possible. In January 2009 we became the first ecolabelled hotel in Gotland. This after proceeding with a number of measures in order to reduce our and your effect on the climate.

At Hotel St Clemens we:

• buy "green electricity". This means that all energy consumed comes from wind and waterpower.
• change all light bulbs to low-energy bulbs.
• only use water when cleaning, or when necessary together with environmentally-friendlycleaning products, in concentrated form to reduce transportation needs.
• have showers and water taps with reduced water flow.
• buy as much organic food as possible for our breakfast buffet. Serving fair trade coffee gives the farmer more money and less reason to grow coca instead of coffee.
• sort all our wastes by paper, cardboard, plastic and metal etc.
• carry out all major transportations in our electrical van powered by wind and water.

You can help us by:

• hanging up towels that do not need to be changed.
• turning off the TV completely and not leaving it on stand-by.
• turning lights off when leaving the room.
• turning the shower off as soon as you are finished.

Thank you for your help. Together we can take a step towards a better environment!

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