Check-in no earlier than

Check-out no later than

Let us know if you plan to check in later than 6 PM

General information

The reception desk is open 6 AM–9 PM
Breakfast is served 6:30 – 10:30 AM
Rooms: 32
Number of beds: 81
Suite with built-in sauna: 1
Floors: 3
Lift: No

Credit cards accepted:
Mastercard: Ja  
Eurocard: Ja  
Visa: Ja  
American Express: Nej  
Diners: Nej  

Hotel facilities
Carpark: Ja

(7 spaces costing SEK 125, must be booked in advance)

Motorcycle parking: Ja

(5 spaces costing SEK 75, must be booked in advance)

Breakfast: Ja


Restaurant: Nej


Bar: Nej


Kiosk: Ja


Sauna: Ja

(low season only)

Pool: Nej


Church ruins: Ja

(space for 200 people)

Room information
Shower: Ja  
Toilet: Ja  
TV: Ja  
Radio: Ja


Wireless Internet: Ja


Pets: Ja

(permitted in three of our rooms; must be booked by phone)

Refrigerator: Ja

(not available in all room categories)

Non-smoking rooms: Ja  

For children
Cot (crib): Ja

(must be booked in advance)

Highchair in
dining room:
Sand pit (sandbox): Ja  

Airport: 3 km
Harbour terminal: 1,5 km
Pharmacy/liquor store: 700 metres
Grocery: 350 metres
Commercial district: 500 metres
Cathedral: 150 metres
Central square: 350 metres
Waterfront: 250 metres
Inner harbour: 700 metres
Botanical Garden: 10 metres
St Clemens church ruins: 1 metre [click here for more information]
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Phone: +46 498 - 219000 E-mail: